Biggdesign Cats in Istanbul Felt Passport Cover

Brand: Biggdesign
Product Price : 1.987 Miles

Biggdesign Cats in Istanbul Felt Passport Cover has a different look with its cute design and with felt texture that protects your passport from different external factors such as tearing, wrinkling, deterioration in your bag.

Inspired by the art of Zeynep Pak's ‘’Cats in Istanbul” theme , the passport cover adds a modern and colorful contribution to your style.

The second compartment in the Biggdesign Cats Felt Passport Cover allows you to carry your money safely. In addition,  with its handy and functional features you can also use to carry your important documents in everyday life.


With its durable design you can use it for many years.

Exterior side made up of 100% felt fabric Interior side made up of P.U. leather.

Product Dimension  Close: 14.5x9.5 cm, Open: 19.5x14.5 cm