Biggdesign DoorKnock Earring

Brand: Biggdesign
Product Price : 3.870 Miles

Biggdesign Knocker Earring is one of the most stylish piece of Tash Design Collection, dreamed and handmade by famous artist Çiğdem Serdaroğlu from Turkey. Inspired by monasteries, churches, madrasas, and numerous historical sites of Mardin, your knocker earring is the like most traditional Anatolian jewelry ever. This special piece which emphasizes an authentic but at the same time stylish and classy style, is made of oxidized bronze to form a natural look. It will be very easy for you to bring your earring into perfect harmony with your casual or classic combinations in every season. It will also a nice gift option jewellery for mothers day, birthdays,christmas, new years, celebrations or to keep for yourself.