Biggdesign Faces Hopeless Ceramic Mug

Brand: Biggdesign
3993 Miles
Product Price : 1.767 Miles
  • Capacity: 300ml
    Material: Ceramic
    Product Dimensions: 8x9cm
    Washing Instructions: In the dishwasher, chemicals such as high temperature, salt and detergent used may scratch the varnish on the mug and damage the printing area. Wash your mug in lukewarm water by hand.


    Inspired by the contrasts in life, “Faces Basic” is ready to raise your mood! “Faces”, a Biggdesign collection, crowns this effect with the messages it gives, while drawing away negative energy with face drawings that make you look at life with more positive eyes.

    "Faces", which is born of the contradictions between unhappiness and happiness, working and not working, despair and hope, and the contrasts that everyone often experiences in themselves, emphasizes how many different moods people can take even in a day, and in order to attract you to positive, all negativities are covered with red. is drawing!